ULTRA Rare German Sea Glass Marble Necklace - Blue Pink White

  • £80.00

ULTRA RARE German sea glass marble! This an extremely rare beach found marble - originally made in Germany around 1880 and found on a beach in Dunoon in Scotland over 100 years later. German marbles are the pinnacle of sea glass marbles with their multiple colours, swirly cores and pontil marks. The marble is held by a silver plated band setting so you can appreciate it from every angle. 

The marble has a pink, blue and white core and a couple of recent chips which make it possible to look inside the marble !!!

Marble is approx 18mm diameter and comes with an 18" sterling silver chain. 

Sea glass marble found on the rough coasts of Scotland . This marble has not been altered in any way, there is no glue or channel drilling involved in this piece of jewellery. It is important to me that the marble is 'untouched' just the way it was found on the beach.

All pictures taken inside without flash.

Every now and again a marble found its way into the rough Seas off the British coast and were lost for almost 100 years... until they were found and made into lovely jewellery with a history!