Sea Glass Marble Earrings - Red Cat's Eyes, B Stock

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Wow, just wow! These sea glass red cat's eye marble earrings are truly outstanding.

Marble approx 15mm dia each
In lever back sterling silver earring

Inside each earring sits a small 15mm red cat's eye marble. A long time ago little boys took the marbles to the beach to play with and lost it in the sand... every now and again a marble found its way into the rough Seas off the British coast and were lost for almost 100 years... until they were found and made into lovely jewellery with a history!

Sea glass marble found on the rough coasts of England/Cumbria. The marbles are top and bottom drilled, just enough to keep them secure, but not all the way through.

All pictures taken inside without flash.

PLEASE NOTE --- one of the marbles has a hairline crack inside. The marble holds its shape but the hairlines are visible.