Bright Orange Bonfire Crackle Sea Glass Pendant, Floral Sterling Silver Setting - ULTRA RARE

  • £180.00

ULTRA RARE !! This is a true orange - honestly it is the colour of an orange! The piece is bonfire or rather the surface has a crackle look which suggests it was in a fire. This piece is from a Victorian Landfill in Kent/ England and as landfills at the time tended to incinerate rubbish, this absolutely stunning piece might have been through real fire and then ended up in the North Sea where over time, it got the lovely frosting it now has.

A true showstopper!

Sea glass is approx. 1.6cm, overall length incl bail is approx. 3.4cm, comes with an 18" sterling silver chain in a thick rolo finish.


This amazing piece of sea glass is from Kent in England. It was found on a beach that has an eroding landfill dating back to the 1880s.

Outstanding sea glass jewels to last you a lifetime!

All pictures taken inside without flash.