Davenport Sea Glass - White Earrings, Wing design Studs

  • £40.00

Davenport sea glass earrings in white, layered opaque to sheer sea glass. Angel wing design studs in sterling silver hold two treasured pieces of this very rare sea glass.
There are amazing swirls inside the sea glass, that you can see best against the light. The sea glass is flawless.

Sea glass is approx 1.2cm - earrings are approx 2.5cm from top to bottom of sea glass

Davenport Sea Glass – where does it come from?

In the coastal town of Davenport in California you can find the Lundberg Art Studios. Here, unique glass creations like paper weights, vases and glass objects have been created for half a century. The designs can be found in the White House and Art Museums in the USA.

A flood in the 1970s caused an overflow of the San Vicente Creek behind the studio where the ‘end of day’ discarded glass trimmings were stored. The colourful glass spilled into the Ocean and has since then become very sought after and is now the most prized sea glass in the world.

Hunting for sea glass is unlike any other beach in the world. The waves are vicious and there is a sea glass Season, running from November to Spring. Outside the Season the gravel and the sea glass are gone, there is only sand. In recent years the gravel hasn’t returned to the beach, and virtually no sea glass has been found…

Your Davenport sea glass was found by two of these extreme glassers, who were right among the waves, collecting pieces of genuine sea glass. Davenport with its rocky cliffs, riptides and high waves is far too dangerous for most, especially at high tide. You can own a treasure from one of world’s most prized beaches!

All pictures taken inside without flash.