Guernsey Beach Glass Bead Heart Bracelet, Turquoise Milk Glass, Sterling Silver 7.5"

  • £65.00

Romantic beach found sea glass heart shaped bead in turquoise milk glass on a 7.5" sterling silver all heart design bracelet. All components are sterling silver.

These pieces of sea glass were collected around the St Peter Port area on Guernsey by a fellow beachcomber.

Bead is approx. 10mm diameter - on 7.5" sterling silver bracelet

Tumbled by the rough North Sea for almost a century, now made into jewellery.

Guernsey Sea Glass

Guernsey is an Island formation in the English Channel situated just off the coast of Normandy. Several of the tiny islands are uninhabited. Together with Jersey these form the Channel Islands. The names are of Old Norse origin, 'ey' meaning 'island' and 'guern' possibly meaning 'pine'. Sarnia is the Latin name for Guernsey. The earliest settlements date back to 5000 BC. Just over 60.000 people live on the Islands.

All pictures taken outside in direct sunlight.