Jewelry Set - Scottish Grey Sea Glass Wave Design Sterling Silver

  • £67.00

Sophisticated rare grey sea glass pendant with a sterling silver bail in wave or Mermaid tail shape on sterling silver necklace in 18" length, and a coordinated pair of earrings with romantic earring settings. This would make a fantastic gift for a loved one... on a special occasion, like Valentine's Day or a Birthday. There is one tiny shiny spot on the bottom side of one of the earrings, otherwise frosted to perfection.

Earrings are approx 3.5cm from top of ear wire to bottom of sea glass ( sea glass is 1.8cm)
Pendant is approx 4cm ( sea glass is 2.8cm) - comes with an 18" sterling silver necklace

Tumbled by the rough North Sea for almost a century, now made into jewellery. Own a piece of Scotland!