Sea Glass Marble Earrings - Sterling Silver Leverback

  • £62.00

Gorgeous sea glass codd marble earrings. These are very light marble earrings, more off white than sea foam. Lovely set of beach found marbles, set in sterling silver leverback earring settings.

Marble approx 14mm dia each
In lever back sterling silver earring

Inside each earring sits a 14mm Codd marble, which was used up until the beginning of the last century in the UK to keep carbonated drinks safe for travel. Once opened the marbles sat in the thick glass bottles and more often than not little boys made them their own and took the marbles to play with... every now and again a marble found its way into the rough Seas off the British coast and were lost for almost 100 years... until they were found and made into lovely jewellery with a history!

Seaham is on the East Coast of England, near Durham and Newcastle. During the Victorian times until 1890s fabulous art glass artisan manufacturing took place in Seaham. At the end of each day small amounts of coloured glass was melted together and given to the Sea... nowadays these end of day pieces of sea glass get washed ashore. Some pieces have shades of the same colour, others are rainbow coloured.

Outstanding sea glass jewels to last you a lifetime! REF W