Marble Frog - Turquoise

  • £47.00

Kiss a frog ... Really cute turquoise and white opaque sea glass marble (15mm diameter) kept inside a silver plated frog on silver plated chain in length of your choice.

The little frog holds the marble secure in his hands.. do frogs have hands? This little guy looks like the marble is a bit big for him.. but he won't give it back!

Frog is approx 2cm
Sea glass marble is from the east coast of Scotland and approx 15mm diameter

Scottish sea glass marble necklace in silver plated frog locket.

Sea glass marble found on the rough coasts of Scotland. This marble has not been altered in any way, there is no glue or channel drilling involved in this piece of jewellery. It is important to me that the marble is 'untouched' just the way it was found on the beach. Marbles are round, ball shaped, spheres.