Marble Locket - Blue

  • £57.00

Midnight moon! Rare deep blue sea glass marble with subtle white swirls in silver plated locket! Perfect for a beach comber as a gift or a sea glass present to you:)

This marble can be taken out any time to look at, to place it in a different holder or just to touch it or show it around. Sea glass marble is from Seaham / England and approx 17mm diameter. You can take this marble out and put one of your own marbles in whenever you like!

Locket is approx 3cm long, marble is approx. 17mm diameter - comes with a silver plated chain in 20" length

If you would like the marble to be a little bit shinier to show the colour dab a tiny (!) amount of unscented baby oil on your fingers and rub the oil into the sea glass. Only use very little oil ( do not use cooking oil ). English sea glass marble necklace in silver plated locket.

All pictures were taken inside without flash. Marble in last picture is wet to show colours.