Pink Opalescent Neodymium Purple Sea Glass Chandelier Earrings, Sterling Silver

  • £65.00

Statement sterling silver chandelier earrings with top drilled pink flash glass, opalescent and purple/pink colour change Neodymium mix of sea glass raindrops. 

Absolutely lovely, dangling earrings - outstanding in real life!

Sea glass is approx 6-7mm long, top drilled and then fitted onto sterling silver ear wires. Overall length approx 4.8cm

Seaham sea glass

Seaham is on the East Coast of England, near Durham and Newcastle. During the Victorian times until 1890s fabulous art glass artisan manufacturing took place in Seaham. At the end of each day small amounts of coloured glass was melted together and given to the Sea... nowadays these end of day pieces of sea glass get washed ashore. Some pieces have shades of the same colour, others are rainbow coloured.

Opalescent sea glass has s subtle blue shimmer with a yellow hint - the colour of the sea glass changes with the light! It is best visible when wet or ever so slightly oiled with unscented baby oil. The sea glass is sheer and will let light through, which makes the earrings glow.

Neodymium? Colour changing glass also called Alexandrite was first discovered in 1885. The production process was perfected in the 1920's in England and Germany and became really popular. Neodymium glass looks purple in daylight and changes to a blue grey under fluorescent light. Derived from the Greek words 'neos' (new) and 'didymos' (twin).

Pictures taken outside in the sunshine without flash.