Pirate Sea Glass Marble Earrings - Leverback Sterling

  • £70.00

Pirate glass marble earrings! These elegant sea glass codd marble earrings are truly outstanding. These sea glass marbles are approx. 17mm in size, lovely and worn.

Marble approx 17mm dia each
In lever back sterling silver earring

This beach found Codd marble looks black but when held against the light you'll see it's actually a very dark brown. These particular marbles were used by an Edinburgh brewery in their own Codd bottles and very rare to find in other places. The marble is perfectly frosted - they are usually a sea foam colour, with lovely tumble marks from the strong currents of the North Sea on the Scottish coast.

Codd bottles were used up until the 1920s to keep carbonated drinks, the bottle was opened, the marble was released... a favourite toy for young boys, who loved playing what we would now consider old fashioned games with them Eventually some Codd marbles ended up in the Sea.

Sea glass marble found on the rough coasts of Scotland. The marbles are top and bottom drilled, just enough to keep them secure, but not all the way through.

All pictures taken inside without flash. REF P