Rainbow Locket 1 - Sea Glass Memory Locket with Scottish and Seaham tinies

  • £47.00

Rainbow sea glass locket! Memories of Scotland...silver coloured memory locket on necklace, filled with tiny pieces of colourful sea glass from Scotland. Rare sea glass in shades of 2 red, 1 yellow, 1 amber, 1 sea foam, 1 lime green, 1 teal, 1 white, 1 turquoise, 1 dark blue, 1 petrol blue and 1 white/green Seaham multi (each piece is approx. 2-3mm) - the locket closes with a magnetic closure.

Locket dia 3cm
Silver plated chain in 18" length, glass on both sides of the locket

Magnetic closure on locket - you can swap the sea glass with your own or just take it out to look at it and hold it in your hands

Found in a cove beyond a castle ruin from the 13th century and across Scotland, tumbled by the North Sea since Victorian times - now made into jewellery. Own a piece of Scotland!

Seaham is on the East Coast of England, near Durham and Newcastle. During the Victorian times until 1890s fabulous art glass artisan manufacturing took place in Seaham. At the end of each day small amounts of coloured glass was melted together and given to the Sea... nowadays these end of day pieces of sea glass get washed ashore. Some pieces have shades of the same colour, others are rainbow coloured.