Rare Blue Willow ( Black ) Bird Scottish Beach Pottery 18" Sterling Silver

  • $82.00

Blue Willow! My most romantic necklace features one of the very rare Two Birds and it’s in an ultra rare black version of the Blue Willow pattern. This piece was found on the shores of the tidal river Tay by a friend.

This sea pottery piece is printed on both sides, top drilled and fitted with a sterling silver setting. 

The Folk Tale behind the pattern
The story that goes with the Blue Willow pattern is such a romantic one, with two lovers running away from a father who didn’t allow the marriage. The couple ran past a Pagoda, over a bridge where they were followed by three men, crossed a river by boat , jumped over a fence and hurried past a Willow tree and then were transformed into two doves to be together for eternity … the story was mainly made up by the potteries themselves but it is just too romantic not to be told.

Perfect for anyone who loves the Blue Willow pattern and as a romantic gift for a loved one!

5cm approx overall length , size of sea pottery is approx 3cm - on an 18” sterling silver chain.

Comes gift boxes in TiliabytheSea branded white box with turquoise print. You can add a personalized note at checkout if you would like to send this item to a friend as a gift.

Care instructions
If you are not wearing your jewellery, please keep it in the zip loc bag it comes with, to prevent/slow down tarnishing. You can wash your pendant in between your hands with mild hand soap and leave to dry.

Found on the east coast of Scotland by a friend.  Tumbled since Victorian times and now you can own a little piece of Scotland!