Scottish Lavender Sea Glass Necklace, Floral Setting Sterling Silver

  • £40.00

Scottish lavender sea glass necklace! This amazing piece of sea glass looks like it might have been a stopper from a decorative glassware dish or possibly a little foot to hold a bow. You can see gorgeous lines going down the sides, almost forming a star pattern. The sea glass has a very light lavender hue.

Overall length 4cm
Sea glass approx. 2.2cm - all fittings sterling silver
Comes with an 18" sterling silver

Sea glass from the East coast of Scotland. The lavender colour in the sea glass is due to the manganese content in the glass, which was originally white, but a century in the Sea and exposure to the Sun have changed the colour to a light lavender.

Tumbled by the North Sea since Victorian times - now made into jewellery. Own a piece of Scotland!