Sea Glass Charms - Set of 1,3 or 5 Sterling Silver

Sea Glass Charms - Set of 1,3 or 5 Sterling Silver

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Scottish sea glass charms! I love to customize my charm bracelet from day to day, so this is where I came up with the idea of sea glass charms that can be interchanged... or added to!

Sea glass charms are available separate or as sets

These are mini charms - each piece of sea glass is approx. the size of a coffee bean

You get the choice of colour from green, white, sea foam and brown or a mix of the four colours. Sea glass charms are top drilled, fitted with a sterling silver clasp and lobster clasp to attach to your bracelet.

Set of 1 sea glass charm
Set of 3 sea glass charms
Set of 5 sea glass charms

Bracelet/Bangle is not included.

You can select 1, 3 or 5 sea glass charms, you then get the option to choose the colour of the sea glass.

If you choose green/white/sea foam for the option of 5 charms - you will receive 2 x sea foam, 1 x white, 2 x green. You can also choose all charms the same colour.

Found in a cove beyond a 13th century castle ruin. Tumbled since Victorian times and now made into jewellery! Own a piece of Scotland.

All pictures taken inside without flash.

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