Sea Pottery Colourful Rainbow Pattern Necklace - 18" sterling silver

  • £62.00

Rainbow! Scottish rainbow sea pottery with lovely patterns in bright colours make an outstanding necklace that you will not find a second one of! Colours are green shamrock, blue willow, red, yellow/purple/black, green/blue, brown and blue/red.
Sea pottery is top drilled and then adorned with sterling silver bails and on 18" sterling silver chain.

Each piece is approx 2cm long, sea pottery pendants on 18" sterling silver chain

Where does this pottery come from?
There is a river that runs into the North Sea where over 100 years ago 4 potteries stood - the river sings, when the pottery pieces make their way out to Sea... a wonderful sound, like bells...this is where these pieces are from.

Found on the east coast of Scotland. Tumbled since Victorian times and now you can own a little piece of Scotland! Sea glass-pottery found by me.

Own a piece of Scotland with TiliabytheSea's jewellery!