Sea pottery earrings - Colourful pattern, sterling silver

  • £27.00

Colourful Scottish sea pottery earrings with a lovely floral and stripe pattern! These lovely maritime red, blue and green beach pottery pieces in sea worn natural finish are matched from hundreds of pieces. Set in sterling silver hook earrings. This is a very boho set with perfectly mismatched earrings.

Sterling silver settings with Scottish sea pottery.

Earrings are approx 4cm from top of ear wire to bottom of sea pottery, sea pottery is 2.5cm

Where does this pottery come from?
There is a river that runs into the North Sea where over 100 years ago 4 potteries stood - the river sings, when the pottery pieces make their way out to Sea... a wonderful sound, like bells...this is where these pieces are from.

Found on the east coast of Scotland. Tumbled since Victorian times and now you can own a little piece of Scotland! Sea glass-pottery found by me.

Own a piece of Scotland with TiliabytheSea's jewellery!