Seaham - Jadeite Green Set, Sea Glass Jewellery Set - earrings and necklace

  • £67.00

Lovely green jadeite milk glass set with sea glass from world famous Seaham! These pieces are smooth, worn by the tides. You can see amazing layers of different shades of green.

Fitted with Coral branch shaped sterling silver bail the pendant is approx 1cm itself plus bail. The earrings also have Mermaid wave tail shaped sterling silver earring wires and show the amazing multi layer effect.

EARRINGS - Overall length is approx 3cm, sea glass is approx 1.2cm long each, top drilled and then fitted onto sterling silver earring wires
PENDANT - Sea glass is approx 1.5cm, overall length is 2.7cm incl. bail. Sea glass is top drilled and fitted with a sterling silver coral bail and comes with an 18" sterling silver necklace (If you choose other lengths the necklace is silver plated)

Seaham is on the East Coast of England, near Durham and Newcastle. During the Victorian times until 1890s fabulous art glass artisan manufacturing took place in Seaham. At the end of each day small amounts of coloured glass was melted together and given to the Sea... nowadays these end of day pieces of sea glass get washed ashore. Some pieces have shades of the same colour, others are rainbow coloured.