ULTRA RARE Turquoise Beach Glass Marble Necklace - Sterling Silver

  • £50.00

CUSTOM order Judy

ULTRA RARE turquoise sea glass marble set in a sterling silver setting. Top and bottom drilled, but not through, this very worn and now almost oval shaped sea glass marble sits in a sterling silver setting that matches the lever back earrings.


Marble approx 12mm dia, overall length is approx. 2.7cm - comes with an 18" sterling silver chain

Please note that an exact colour match with earrings can not be guaranteed.

Sea glass marbles... every now and again a marble found its way into the rough Seas off the British coast and were lost for almost 100 years... until they were found and made into lovely jewellery with a history!

Sea glass marble found on the rough coasts of England/Seaham. The marble is top and bottom drilled, just enough to keep it secure, but not all the way through.

All pictures taken inside without flash.