UV Scottish Sea Glass Earrings - Angel Wing Earrings Uranium Beach Glass

  • £40.00

Elegant sterling silver angel wing earrings with UV reactive sea glass drops ... wear these earrings with a little black dress or t shirt and jeans, they will spruce up every outfit! UV reactive sea glass contains uranium, but is not radioactive. It glows under black light and was used in tableware and decorative dishes around the 1930s.

From top to bottom approx 3cm
Sea glass is approx 1cm long

Please note that the two pieces of sea glass are a slightly different shade of UV green.

UV sea glass, glows under UV black light, vaseline light green opaque sea glass ...UV glass was very popular around the 1930s and it is very likely that this piece of sea glass has been tumbled in the North Sea for the last 80 years or longer...

Sea glass was found on the Northern most point of Scotland, tumbled by the North Sea since Victorian times - and is made into jewellery. Own a piece of Scotland with TiliabytheSea's jewellery!