Yellow Sea Glass Coral Necklace - Spanish sea glass pendant

  • £45.00

Missing summer and sunshine? This stunning bright yellow Spanish sea glass pendant is perfect for any day where you are looking for a splash of colour ( or two!). Genuine Spanish sea glass from the Bay of Biscay near Castro Urdiales.

Sterling silver coral branch setting captures a drop shaped piece of yellow sea glass. Please note that this piece of sea glass is shiny on the top where the setting sits and it has a striation line on the side where it was once trapped between rocks ( there is still a tiny grain of sand stuck inside the groove!)

Sea glass is approx 2cm
Pendant from top of setting to bottom of sea glass are approx. 2.2cm. Comes with an 18" sterling silver chain.

Where does this yellow sea glass originate?

This type of yellow sea glass originated in electrical glass insulators that were used between 1800-1900s.