• £82.00

Outstanding Bonfire! Coca Cola sea glass treasures from Vanuatu/South Pacific - OOAK Statement pendant from the 1930s. Set in sterling silver with an 18" sterling silver chain. If you choose a different length your necklace will be silver plated. This piece is amazing - truly unique bonfire sea glass. The glass was probably thrown into a fire in the 1930's , the tides came along and washed it into the Sea where it was tumbled by strong tides on Efate Island in Vanuatu. This is a truly wonderful piece of history and sea glass - molten into an organic shape - the bail makes it possible to wear the pendant on either side to fully appreciate the shape. It is hard to capture this quirky shape - trust me this piece is awesome! ( with grains of sand too!)

4.5 x 3cm

'BONFIRE!' California Coca Cola bottle bottom pendant on sterling silver bail and 18" sterling silver chain

These pieces have a wonderful history! During WWII American soldiers were brought a piece of home and comfort to their stations in the South Pacific in the shape of an elegant Coca Cola bottle. Once the war was over the old sea foam Coca Cola bottles were left behind and found their way into the Pacific. Here they were broken down, buried in sand, tumbled by rough tides and Volcanic eruptions and last year after Cyclone Pam those long forgotten pieces emerged onto the beach of Havannah Harbour on Efate Island.

This is where I collected them and brought them back the 9500 Miles to Scotland - these pieces will be available as a very limited collection!

All pictures were taken inside without flash. The last picture was taken at the beach in Vanuatu.

More pictures and background information available on my facebook page 'TiliabytheSea'.