Daddies Mudlark Glass Stopper Necklace - White Sauce Bottle Top

  • £40.00

Daddies! Mudlarking bottle dump found white glass bottle stopper necklace held by a sterling silver bail. Perfect for Father’s Day, Daddies Sauce enthusiast and statement jewelry piece lover! 

Please note this stopper was found in a Victorian bottle dump and although being 100 years old it is shiny! 

Approx 4 x 3.5cm incl bail - top drilled on sterling silver bail - comes with an 18" sterling silver necklace.

All pictures taken inside without flash.

Mudlarking Finds

This piece of history was found on a bottle dump. Dating back to late Victorian and early Edwardian times at the beginning of the 1900s when sauce bottles were glass and came with fancy glass bottle stoppers like this! Usually Gartons ( now HP ) or Hoe’s Sauce this is the rarer Daddies Sauce version in clear white. Daddies Sauce brand is still available to purchase in the UK as brown sauce or tomatoe ketchup.