Scottish Sea Pottery Red Green Floral Bracelet - 9" Sterling Silver

  • £70.00

Scottish sea pottery with lovely floral patterns in red and green make an outstanding bracelet that you will not find a second one of!

Sea pottery is double drilled and then fitted with sterling silver bails and clasp.

Entire length is approx. 9" (22.5cm), sea pottery is approx 2-2.5cm each

Can be made to 7.5" length by taking out one element ( which of course you may keep!)

Where does this pottery come from?
There is a river that runs into the North Sea where over 100 years ago 4 potteries stood - the river sings, when the pottery pieces make their way out to Sea... a wonderful sound, like bells...this is where these pieces are from.

Found on the east coast of Scotland. Tumbled since Victorian times and now you can own a little piece of Scotland! Sea glass-pottery found by me.

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