Sea Glass Marble Locket - Sparkly Star Fish 2 & Beach Found Codd Marble

  • £50.00

Sparkly starfish locket with a gorgeous sea glass marble. Silver plated locket with silver plated chain in length of your choice. This is a codd marble and approx 80-100 years old.
The starfish are Ocean colours of deep blue and turquoise and white crystal glass stones.

Locket is approx 2.5cm diameter - marble is approx. 18mm diameter, comes with silver plated chain in length of your choice

This marble can be taken out any time to look at, to place it in a different holder or just to touch it or show it around. Sea glass marble is from the West Coast of Cumbria. You can take this marble out and put one of your own marbles in whenever you like!

Scottish sea glass marble necklace in silver plated locket.

CODD MARBLES: The Codd-neck bottle was designed and manufactured to enclose a marble and a rubber washer/gasket in the neck. The bottles are filled upside down, and pressure of the gas in the bottle forced the marble against the washer, sealing in the carbonation. The bottle was pinched into a special shape, as can be seen in the photo to the right, to provide a chamber into which the marble was pushed to open the bottle. This prevented the marble from blocking the neck as the drink was poured. Codd bottles were used until the 1920s in Scotland/UK.

All pictures were taken inside without flash.