Sea Glass Marble necklace - Yellow Red Blue cat's eye

  • £32.00

Beach ball ! Striped blue , red and yellow cat's eye marble with delicate streaks of colour.

Purist necklace, with lovely tumble marks from the strong currents of the North Sea on the English East Coast.
Purist sea glass marble necklace... beach marble sphere... sea glass set in silver plated bezel setting on silver plated necklace in 20" length. The marble has not been channel drilled, it is set in the silver wrapping without having been altered.

Marble is approx 16mm diameter - comes with a silver plated chain in 20" length

Sea glass marble found on the rough coasts of England . This marble has not been altered in any way, there is no glue or channel drilling involved in this piece of jewellery. It is important to me that the marble is 'untouched' just the way it was found on the beach.

All pictures taken inside without flash.

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