UV Seaham Sea Glass Earrings - Threader Pull Through Earrings

  • £46.00

Threader sterling silver earrings with UV reactive sea glass drops ... UV reactive sea glass contains uranium, but is not radioactive. It glows under black light and was used in tableware and decorative dishes around the 1930s.

Entire length is approx.9.5cm
Sea glass is approx 1cm long

Uranium sea glass, glows under UV black light, vaseline light green opaque sea glass ...UV glass was very popular around the 1930s and it is very likely that this piece of sea glass has been tumbled in the North Sea for the last 80 years or longer...

Seaham is on the East Coast of England, near Durham and Newcastle. During the Victorian times until 1890s fabulous art glass artisan manufacturing took place in Seaham. At the end of each day small amounts of coloured glass was melted together and given to the Sea... nowadays these end of day pieces of sea glass get washed ashore. Some pieces have shades of the same colour, others are rainbow coloured.

Outstanding sea glass jewels to last you a lifetime!

All pictures taken inside without flash.